Serious Questions About Diets and Children With Behavioral Problems

How are you different from other nutritional professionals?

I’m not going to go over what many parents consider common sense, such as that you need to make sure your child is eating more vegetables and less sugar.  As a Mom, I know that is something most parents ideally want for their children but have difficulty following that, typically due to having picky eaters for children.  I dive deeper than that looking into food ingredients and items that have been associated with behavioral issues.  While I believe that as parents we should encourage our children to eat better, this is not the focus for my program.  I figure out what food ingredients/items are culprits for the child…sometimes these are healthy food options, such as an apple or tomato products.

Can the Diet and Behavior Program work for my child even if he is picky and only eats a few things?

Absolutely!  That is the challenge and I am going to be there every step of the way working with you to brainstorm food options that work within your child’s food preferences.

What will happen after the 6 weeks are over?

After the 6 week program is completed, you will be equipped with the knowledge of which diet culprits affect your child and his or her behavior.  It is my goal to enable you to become your own child’s Diet and Behavior Detective.

What if my child is on medications for ADHD or other behavioral issues?

It is extremely important that you do not stop any medications prescribed to children with behavioral problems.  I will work with your prescribing MD closely, and if he or she approves, medications can be weaned off appropriately.  Some of my clients don’t give their kids medications on the weekends, i.e. while not in school.  This can be a great time to see what progress is being made.

How long does it typically take to see results?

If you follow the program as recommended, you should see results within 2-4 weeks.

Are you selling any products?


When I ask my child’s pediatrician, she says that diet cannot cure ADHD, etc.  Is that true?

There are several studies demonstrating how various aspects of diets can improve behavior, attention span, sleeping patterns, etc.  I have incorporated many of these aspects in the program.  I have also learned by experience and trial and error the different diet items that either need to be removed or added to your child’s diet.  I want to save you the time and energy I spent with trial and error with my own child.  The wonderful thing about the Diet and Behavior Program is that you will not be giving your child anything unnecessary or unhealthy.  Why not try diet?

I have heard that my child needs to be Gluten and/or Casein Free.  Is that true?

Every child is different, but that is not where the program is initially directed.  I would target several potential diet culprits before I would recommend going Gluten Free, etc.  For example, I have found that many times children have food sensitivities to gluten or casein.  No matter if this is the case for your child, I will help you to understand what it means to have food sensitivities, and how you can modify your child’s diet.

Will this help a child with ADHD?

Many symptoms correlated with ADHD are hyperactivity, poor sleeping patterns, aggression, tantrums, inability to sit still, and aching muscles.  These are a few of the indicators that I use to measure your child’s progress.  Many times if these factors improve, your child feels better and behaves better.

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